Our Services

Seniors Who Need a Hand

If you have a friend or relative that could use a regular visit and need a helping hand or wellness check, we are here to help. We also follow up with a call or email if needed. 

SSA Benefits Planning

The company provides complimentary consultation with a Social Security benefits specialist who can answer questions and assist with Social Security enrollment for client’s or their families.

Errand & Personal Services

We’ll run your errands, such as picking up prescriptions, UPS, post office, flowers, personal shopping and shoe/jewelry repairs. 

Notary Services.

notary services at your location. We come to your home, office, hospital room or other healthcare facility. Our Notary is a Certified Signing Agent with the National Notary Association and is able to complete Powers of Attorney for financial and healthcare, Living Wills, Wills, Home Purchases, Refinances, Cash Out Transactions and Annuity Signings. We are licensed, bonded and commissioned by the State of North Carolina 

Courier/Delivery Services

 Need a “ride” from point A to point B; work, school, pay bills and etc, need important items, parts, documents or packages delivered today?  No worries, we can pick up your deliverables and get them there fast and efficiently, we are on-demand.

Waiting Services

Are you expecting a home delivery or a service/repair person, but can’t be there? We’ll be there for you. 

Laundry Services

Sort, wash, dry, fold, in your home or at the local Laundromat.  We’ll provide pick-up and delivery of your personal laundry and dry cleaning at your location.

New Mom Concierge Services.  

Every new mom needs a helping hand after bringing home the new bundle of joy!  We’ll help mom out with household and family obligations.

Hospital/Home Bound Services. 

Those who have medical needs, which do not allow them to get out and about for a limited period of time.

Our Services

Modified House Sitting

No more worries when you leave town, whether it’s for a day, week or months. We’ll perform a security check, water your plants, pick up your mail, and open and close the blinds to give your house a lived-in look while you’re gone. 

Personal Chef and Catering Services

works with an elite group of Chefs who have credentials such as SERVE SAFE and Years of Restaurant experience both management and preparation in food management  other well known organizations on their resumes.  If it’s a full time Chef you would like on your vacation or a Chef to have for a special occasion, will introduce you to a Chef who fits with your culinary expectations.

Event/Party Planning

We can help a little or a lot. Need some help to serve food, beverages, tidy up.

Corporate Housing Services

 Liaison with property managers for key releases, household goods delivery, walk through, cable box/modem returns and courier services.

Airport/Concierge Services

 Do you need a reservation for that airport flight, special hotel, spa, restaurant, rental car or travel.   How about ticket purchases for plays, concerts, comedy shows or special events.

Grocery Shopping

Just make a list, tell us your favorite store, and we’ll do the rest

Wedding Officiating

Open house sit-ins.  Put up and take down signs, install and pick-up lock box, document pick-up and delivery.

Vacation Rental Services

Stock refrigerator and cabinets with groceries at your vacation home, cabin or boat.

Other Services

If you do not find the service you require among those listed above, please contact us. STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary Services will make every effort to provide you with the service you require.  We’ll do most any errand as long as it’s legal and ethical!  Please schedule these services in advance whenever possible.

Pricing & Packages

We can put together custom options to suit your needs, or provide professional errand services at our general rate (discounts below).

**Hours can be used anytime within a 12 month period. No refunds for unused time.**

There is a minimum 1 hour fee for all completed services.
This typically includes 2-5 errands.  After 1 hour client will be billed in 30 minute increments.

Senior Rate

$30.00 per hour/ per task

*** Includes non-medical assistance with basic household needs, companion services, etc.

General Rate

$35.00 per hour/ per task 


(need it done yesterday) $45.00 per hour/ per task


(as available) $55.00 per hour/ per task

Corporate Packages are specialized, please contact us for a comprehensive consultation.

SE&NS Packages - Reduced Monthly Prepaid Rates (Seniors Eligible for this package)


$ 270 Monthly
  • Includes up to 10 hours of Services. Anytime over the initial 10 hours will be charged at normal rate. No unused hours may be carried over.
10% Discount


$ 510 Monthly
  • Includes up to 20 hours of Services. Anytime over the initial 20 hours will be charged at normal rate. A limit of 1 hour may be carried over to the next month and must be used within that month.
15% Discount


$ 360 Monthly
  • Buy ahead and save! Purchase 9 hours at the regular price and receive 1 hour FREE!
    ** (Not valid for Bridal Concierge Services)


$ 720 Monthly
  • Includes up to 30 hours of Services. Anytime over the initial 30 hours will be charged at normal rate. A limit of 2 hours may be carried over to the next month and must be used within that month.
20% Discount

Deluxe Senior Concierge Membership Packages

“Bronze Star” Membership

$ 100 Monthly
  • Includes up to 4 hours of personal assistant services, plus one free reminder. Any time over the initial 4 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. Combine your errands, and we’ll do as many as possible in the time you allot. Unused hours cannot be carried over to the next month.
Save $20

“Silver Star” Membership

$ 210 Monthly
  • $210 per month (Save $30) Includes up to 8 hours of personal assistant services, and two free reminders. Any time over the initial 8 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. Unused hours cannot be carried over to the next month.
Save $30

“Gold Star” Membership

$ 400 Monthly
  • Includes up to 15 hours of personal assistant services, and two free reminders. Any time over the initial 15 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. Hours cannot be carried over to the next month.
Save $50

[Note: Any deluxe membership package contracted for six months or more will receive an additional 10% discount]

Wedding Runner

$ 315
  • This service includes a total of 8 hours of personal assistant services before and/or after the bride’s special day. We pick up any items needed before the wedding, help send out invitations and thank you notes, do any errand running the day of the wedding, and return rentals after the wedding. This package can even include house monitoring while the couple is on their honeymoon.


Any service exceeding 10 miles from start of errand(s) to completion will incur the 2020 IRS rate 58 cents per mile.
Any services that takes us out of the County is charged $45.00 per hour and the 2020 IRS rate 58 cents per mile.
We are always available to travel to surrounding areas and counties, just ask!

**An initial client consultation is free. **

Fees, merchandise payment and other charges associated with performing errands on the client’s behalf are the responsibility of the client. All service fees are to be paid after errand completion or on a monthly basis.
STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary Services currently accepts payments of cash, all major credit cards, STRIPE and Paypal (button below) at completion of service.


STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services will not at any time sell or exchange our client information to outside sources.
Vendors will be provided with only the information required to complete a specific task.
Discretion will be strictly adhered to by STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services and all employees.

Fees & Payments

Agreed upon fees owed to STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services are to be paid prior to start of service, unless other arrangements have been made.
Client is responsible for all costs related to requests and payment is due before service will take place. These costs include items like, but not limited to, dry cleaning, automobile repair, catering, and personal shopping items.
Errand Service accounts can be set up so that STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services will pay for any purchases made on your behalf via an account retainer or placing a credit card on file.
The following payment methods are currently accepted: Credit card, checks, money orders, cash, Venmo, or PayPal. Check is our preferred form of payment.
Client purchases made with clients’ credit card, or retainer, on account will not be charged a processing fee.
Retainer/Membership fees are non-refundable, to be paid promptly, and any unused time will not be carried over. For all new accounts, retainer/membership fees will be collected at the beginning of start of service.

Safety | Damages | Purchase | Cancellations

STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services will not perform any work on Client’s behalf that is illegal or puts it or its independent agents in unreasonable danger.
STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary services will not perform services in the late evening or early morning hours unless other Errand Service personnel is accompanying the designated Errand Runner or other arrangements will be made.

STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary Services will not be liable for any third party damage (ie., dry cleaning, electrician).

Our services does not include the cost of merchandise (i.e., groceries, supplies, etc.) or any outside vendor services. Purchases made on client’s behalf are to be paid by client before services are provided by STARNOBLE Errand’s & Notary Services. We are not responsible for any charges or late fees incurred by the customer.

A 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of scheduled services. Less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a $35 service charge; if no notice is given, the full service fee will apply.
These policies are subject to change.