About Us

STARNOBLE ERRAND’S & NOTARY SERVICES INC help clients with all their daily needs, chores, appointments, and errands. STARNOBLE ERRAND’S & NOTARY SERVICES INC work directly for the client and perform their duties in office or home environments depending upon the client’s needs. STARNOBLE ERRAND’S & NOTARY SERVICES INC work full-time hours during all shifts, including evenings and weekends, based on the client’s personal preference. Travel is often a big part of this job, as personal assistants run errands and accompany clients on trips.

Our Mission

Starnoble Errand's & Notary Services is dedicated to accomplishing your tasks and projects in a friendly, detailed manner. As your ‘Second Me’, personal errand service and virtual assistant, our goal is to complete your tasks quickly and accurately. This will give you more freedom to choose how you want to spend your time, simplifying your life and reducing stress.


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This is how we work

Errand Runner Duties and Responsibilities

Day-to-day job duties for ERRAND RUNNERS differ based on the services they provide and the environment where they perform the bulk of their work. However, these core duties are common across the profession:

Run Errands: Errand runners run errands for clients, such as grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning.
Prepare and Cook Meals: Errand runners cook meals for clients based on their desires and dietary concerns.
Schedule Appointments: Errand runners schedule all appointments for clients. This includes managing the client’s schedule by giving them appointment reminders and filling out their daily calendar.
Make Travel Arrangements: Errand runners make all travel arrangements for their client. Sometimes errand runners travel with the client to manage their affairs while they’re on the road.
Answer Phone and Make Calls: Errand runners answer incoming calls, take messages, and make phone calls for their client.
Sort Mail: Errand runners sort all incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail. This may include writing checks to pay bills and writing correspondence.
Clean: Errand runners keep home or office areas clean and well organized. Manage Vendors: Errand runners manage all household and office vendors, such as lawn care companies and delivery services, by providing direction and processing payments. JUST A FEW SERVICES WE OFFER!!!!!!!